Thursday, May 7, 2009

Good Morning Everyone

Last night I spun at Capocaccia and this one lady was pissed cause I didn't play any disco. I was like bitch!!!! I'm dropping Gino Soccio, The dancer!!! It's one of best disco tracks of all time. Better Recognize!!!!
I couldn't find the song on youtube (They only have the remix one which is suck ass) but I will post some other shits that I played last night.
O yeah one thing, I made Cathrine Wilson feel even sexier cause my music took her to the next level hahahaha (sotoy gila)
Message to music requester anywhere in universe and you have been warned, I hope you people eat shit and die!!!
Other than that, use your leg that God gives you as it supposedly use, to dance haha

Don't forget Leroy Burgees also on this track. Check him out, he's a space!!!

For some reason people thought that the bottle is by Joe Bataan

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