Monday, May 4, 2009

Zoo York!!!!

It was spring 1998 in Seattle, I was at my friends' spot, rolled a phat one and started watching this vid that my japanese friend had the day before.
Shit it was one of the moments that changed my life. 
I was 18 years old Indonesian foreign student who lived oversea for the first time and it was heavy shit to saw Zoo York Mix Tape video for the first time. Although, Kids by Larry Clark changed my life completely but Zoo York Mix Tape made it complete. 
The only thing I regret, after I bought a copy of it, I lent it to my homie and you know the rest. 
It's been 11 years over due if you know what I mean.
Man if somebody could get your hand on it on VHS or whatever format, let me know cause it's just that good (in my case anyway hahaha) 
You'll see Busta Rhyme, Method Man and other NYC finest MC's spittin' rhymes and it was banana.
It was one of those skate vids that pumps you out before you go out skating (It was Plan B video for me back in 1995). Put my headphone on and listened to golden era Hip Hop and skate the night away to the streets .
Enough reminiscing, Enjoy the clips from Zoo York Mix Tape.
Harold Hunter Rest in Peace!!!!

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